A new activist group vowing to champion the rights of the indigenous English and highlight the huge demographic changes that are causing irreparable damage to our country, was launched in Central London today.  Key activists from IDENTITY ENGLAND unfurled a banner over Westminster Bridge with the slogan ‘STOP THE GREAT REPLACEMENT – DEFEND ENGLISH CULTURE’. Leader Charlie Fox explained: “Contrary to the mainstream liberal narrative, mass immigration, Islamisation and unprecedented demographic change have been wholly detrimental for the native English, particularly in our cities with knife crime and terrorism a constant threat. Our people neither asked for nor deserved this. Identity England will peacefully, but unashamedly focus on these issues and protest against the globalist agenda of our political elites.”

Identity England has drawn inspiration from similar movements in Europe. “The Great Replacement also known as replacement migration, is the term used by the Identitarian movement – a pan-European patriotic current – to refer to the huge demographic shifts under way across swathes of Europe.” Mr. Fox said. “The 2011 census revealed that the White British made up just 45% of London’s population. Leicester records a similar figure, with other cities predicted to score similar minority status for the native population in the next census. Some will ask why this matters – we believe that if the English become a minority in their own homeland, as they are predicted to be by the 2060s if current trends continue, England will cease to exist in any meaningful sense. Only the ethnic English can make England what it is – only we can be us. It would be a great tragedy if our ancestral land left the stage of history.” Mr. Fox stressed that the new group was not chauvinistic toward other ethnic groups: As Identitarians and ethno-pluralists we respect and value all peoples and cultures – where we differ from the political class however, is that we acknowledge the multicultural experiment has been disastrous and that each national and ethnic group deserve an exclusive homeland of their own, including ethnic Europeans, and in our case – the English. The only real long-term answer to the failure of multiculturalism is mutually agreed remigration.”

Mr. Fox said his organisation will focus on peaceful activism, study and community building. He stressed that Identity England was a metapolitical grouping rather than a political party, its major aim being to influence political discourse and shift its political paradigm to where Identitarian, ethnopluralist ideas are included and debated. He concluded: “While the globalist elites in this country and throughout the West try to marginalise our common sense positions, we know they are shared by millions. Identity England is determined to challenge the status quo and become a rallying point for all patriotic English people. Today’s launch kickstarts our campaign. Join us.”

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