“Some westerners have argued that the West does not have problems with Islam but only with violent Islamist extremists. Fourteen hundred years of history demonstrate otherwise.”

Samuel P. Huntington, The Clash of Civilisations and the Remaking of World Order

This week’s appalling atrocity in Nice, (reportedly carried out by a Tunisian ‘refugee’ who only arrived recently in the country via Lampedusa) is the latest in a tragic round of salvos on French soil, and the second in the span of only a few weeks, but be in no doubt that it was explicitly intended as an attack on the European people and their entire civilisation. Europe is under attack and our political elites are part of the cause.

Identity England urges every good and well-meaning native European to accept that the social-experiment of “multiculturalism” – an ideology first pushed by the utopian radicals of the 1960s who later emerged as Europe’s liberal political ruling class, has proved a manifest failure.

Contrary to Marxist myth, the engine of history is the clash of civilisations. The Islamic world is wholly incompatible with European civilisation. The growing Muslim demographic on this continent has only led (despite media driven talk of a phantom moderate, ‘modern’ Islam) to division, mistrust, suspicion, confusion, tension. The growing presence of Islam within Europe has led to alienation both within our native communities and immigrant populations. Today swathes of young Muslims feel (rightly) they do not belong in our society and have no place in it. If this situation is left to fester, we fear the horrors of Nice will be repeated ten-thousand-fold.

Such atrocities are inevitable as incompatible populations are allowed to continue to grow in close proximity to one another. Political incompetence and state-sponsored “multiculturalism” has proliferated substantial communities of foreign origins and alien practices to be as valued as highly as the native ethno-culture and in many cases, greater than. Because these norms are not of European origin, it is impossible for Europeans to understand completely and live harmoniously with people who have a fundamentally different perception of civilisation.

We say this tragic situation has to be stopped and reversed – the only real long-lasting solution is an amicable divorce. A peaceful separation. Phased, humane and diplomatic remigration with clear borders drawn. Impossible? No – the job of Identitarians is to clear a space where a new political will to carry this through can emerge. We want to see the Tiber flow clear and clean.