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Remembrance Sunday and the general acknowledgement of our ancestors who gave their lives for the love they held for their families, communities and nation, is inseparable from the English soul whether you celebrate this or not.

The political class in its current authoritarian guise has sought to sever the relevance of this occasion from the historical memory of our people, or at the very least, rewrite it to accommodate everyone who has arrived at our shores since World War Two. This is important in crushing the pride out of a historically proud and distinct people. History as we can observe it now appears up to interpretation with the many iterations and revisions backed up by a dangerous Liberal ideology.

The truth of the matter is, this occasion can only truly be celebrated by people who have direct connections with those that had taken part. It was those people who truly had the greatest stake in what our societies are now. Though we can also firmly guarantee they did not hold the view that “diversity built Britain” or that we should accept becoming a minority in our homeland. Our ancestors toiled away in some of the worst living conditions imaginable in order to ensure that those who came after simply did not have to. That is our “privilege” and it would make far less sense to hand it over to people who have nothing to do with that past. This is a direct affront to those that completely sacrificed absolutely everything for their descendants. When the English are made a powerless minority, what obligations do those who will make up the majority have to celebrate or remember people who have no connection to them? None.

In severing this tradition from the English people, it helps to warp the very society with all its decadence and ethnomasochism that lies right before us.

This is a tradition that is directly linked to the success of our nation and people, not in a geo-political context but a spiritual one. If this particular tradition is erased, nothing is safe.