No case to answer – Us and the Old Right

Published by Identity England on

It is an unfortunate fact of life for Identitarians to be routinely labelled as extremists, Neo-Nazis, Fascists – you name it – whether it’s from the mainstream media, academia, or the militants of Antifa. These accusations are so ludicrous that for us, they have become water off a duck’s back. However, these tags, if thrown enough times can stick, so it is only right that we should be able to refute it.

So, do Identitarians deserve the fascist epithet? A resolute ‘NO’! We are not merely back-peddling here; simply playing to our progressive friends’ rules by conceding ground in the battle of ideas to liberals and globalists. We only know these figurative labels to be false.

In basic terms, the Left-Right paradigm has become distorted. Uprooted from their original premise, they have been rendered meaningless, and increasingly irrelevant in the 21st century. Today, the real dichotomy is between the global and the national, the universal and the particular, the cosmopolitan versus the tribal.

A straw poll of Identitarians might possibly identify significant support for the NHS, workers’ and tenants’ rights, or the environment. Some might favour the nationalisation of public utilities and support workers’ co-operatives. They might be opposed to fracking and tax-dodging big businesses – all causes any self-respecting progressive would embrace.

The Identitarian position transcends domestic divides and the traditional concepts of conservatism and progressivism, petty nationalism and phantom internationalism. Rather than espousing chauvinism, we stress ethnopluralism, which recognises the innate value of all peoples and cultures.

Furthermore, we do not promote the rigidity of the ethnostate. While we do seek the peaceful establishment of more or less homogenous societies within sovereign and clearly demarcated territories, we recognise that some minority ethnocultures are perfectly capable of living alongside a historically dominant one. The Italian settlement in Bedford in the 1950s is one example – a European people who are ethno-culturally compatible with the indigenous group.

Of course, the Identitarian view is that England should remain predominantly ethnically English and Wales predominantly ethnically Welsh etc – perhaps this would count as extremism to your average member of Antifa or Momentum, but to most fair-minded people it would seem the perfectly moderate position that it is.

In the real world, Identitarians recognise that small numbers of similar peoples can live peacefully as minorities within a dominant group’s historic homeland. Rest assured, English Identitarians do not advocate remigration for Bedford’s established Italian community.

Back in Clown World, our detractors will continue to smear us and, unfortunately, some might be taken in by them. But we know that our ideas have can and will gain traction among millions of decent people throughout the West – a reality that illustrates that we are not cartoonish far-right or extremists, but instead represent the happy medium.

For us however, perhaps our best defence against these illusory assumptions is why would we want to associate ourselves with outdated ideologies which have proved themselves such abject failures?