Now is the time of the year where all major companies go into overdrive on their advertising campaigns. We are used to seeing anti-white narratives within media throughout the year, however Christmas is the time when all companies take it to the next level.

It does seem that the overwhelming majority of advertising depicts wholly or majority minority characters and situations within domestic advertising. White Britons are often a minority and seem to find themselves in mixed relationships, for example. It is rare to find an advert where we find ourselves in a traditional and homogeneous setting. This clearly does not represent reality.

Firstly, we need to look as to why companies do this in the first place. It is commonly understood that corporations are pressured into promoting a “diverse” message that “reflects” the diversity of our nations and fear missing out of being seen as an inclusive company. From the corporate perspective, it is mainly motivated by profit and fixed by liberal ideological constraints. If a company does not engage in this advertising pattern, they are susceptible to immense ramifications from within their own industries and in many cases, break advertising ‘standards’ and face termination.

However, this collective corporate approach obfuscates reality to the normal, oblivious consumer who accepts the fabricated image created by their favourite brands. This is more than likely intentional. The truth is, at least according to recent data, White Britons are still a strong majority (87% from 2011 census, but likely around the 75-80% mark at the moment). In the majority of circumstances they do show a white person, they are often portrayed as foolish, pathetic or generally someone you do not want to be around. Hardly promoting us in a good light. Such scenarios are hardly (if ever) promoted for minorities. So why does almost every single advertisement depict society as majority non-European, Muslim, interracial relationships? Even moreso, why does the media show Muslims, Hindu’s and Sikh’s celebrating Christmas? Such people do not collectively as a group celebrate holidays of another civilisation and religion. This occasion is only relevant to those who classify themselves as Christian and is largely a wider European tradition.

As we can see, modern advertising is not about “reflecting” society but envisioning a future society under a globalist and corporate guise. This is meant to ingrain in and rewire your mind in preparation for a future where you are a powerless minority devoid of any group identity and must accept that our nations have ‘always been diverse’. In the attempt at “including” other peoples, white people are phased out of the picture completely or made to look comparatively worse than other groups. Modern advertising driven by globalist narratives only seeks to undermine European civilisation and promote multiculturalism. A consequence of the ongoing Great Replacement.

It is imperative for identitarians, patriots, nationalists etc to invest in creating brands, organisations and communities that operate with their group interests in mind. We must wilfully disregard contemporary advertising and corporations that promote a world where the English and Europeans are not allowed their own collective group identities and seek to humiliate them into submission to the globalist order.

We have taken a record of some of the Christmas adverts over the last few years which confirm our view and promote inherent anti-White propaganda. Many of them are to be seen in the lead up to Christmas this very year. See some examples below:

Now these are clearly not all the adverts containing this message but these are prominent brands in their respective industries and are representative of the norms within each industry.

Feel free to send us more adverts below as we would like to expand this list.


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