Through 50 years of liberalism, globalism and forced integration, English people and western Europeans overall seem to have lost one of the most fundamental human characteristics – the instinct of self-preservation. It is an instinct that is in no small part responsible for the survival and proliferation of our species and one that has been ripped out of us without remorse. We no longer aspire to have children, to build communities, to look towards higher ideals and we don’t aspire to preserve ourselves. While those reading this may wish to break this trend, it is a sad reality and a fact that cannot be ignored that there are far too many who simply have been conditioned to not care. Inaction will lead to our demise, and we will not be able to change that if we don’t take action on a small scale.

Daniel Friberg, publisher and CEO of Akrtos Media, defined metapolitics in his book ‘The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition’ as such: “Metapolitics concerns itself with the spreading of ideas, attitudes and values within society with the long term goal of triggering deeper political change. The term refers to a method of influencing public opinion which does not need to be bound to a particular party or program.” What we currently see is an overwhelmingly progressive and liberal metapolitical landscape that has led to the aforementioned conditioning and one that can be contrasted with Eastern Europe and Asia, where liberal ideas are not prevalent and, as such, they do not share the same self-destructive tendencies we do. From countries such as Poland, Belarus, Serbia and Hungary where they have explicitly rejected the attempts of the west to impose upon them multiculturalism and diversity, to countries such as Japan, Israel and South Korea where these concepts aren’t even discussed because they hold no ground, and the people of those countries can see how these policies are incompatible with maintaining a people’s ethno-culture. There is no Japanese guilt, nor Jewish guilt or Korean guilt, but there is white guilt. They do not feel as though they owe their countries to anybody and, as such, are not willing to part with them. To enact fundamental social change, the discourse on issues affecting English people must be changed through peaceful means.

The consequences of liberal metapolitics can be seen throughout society, ethnic group-think or political mobilization for Europeans is fiercely condemned as ‘immoral’, even though the same standard does not apply to non-Europeans. Liberals fabricate racial injustices within western society, ignoring and facilitating the real injustice that is the replacement of native European peoples because of the false dichotomy between the perceived white oppressor and the non-European victim. There is a belief that these two roles are fundamental to the respective people groups. This concept alone is far more ‘racist’ than any ethnopluralist notion of living independently, freely and maintaining ethnic sovereignty and the right to self-determination for all peoples.

The idea that we have the right to a homeland has been suppressed and continuously challenged to the benefit of multinational globalists and to the detriment of those whose homes they are taking away. We, the indigenous English, have not only a right to protest this sorry state of affairs, but a duty to protest – we have a duty to defend our land from all those who might wish to take it and ensure that we will not go gentle into that good night. We have a responsibility to feel righteous indignation at the state of European politics and we all have a responsibility to do everything we can to prevent the demographic replacement of our people.


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