On the same day we learned that the German intelligence attempted to put AfD, (the country’s largest opposition party that won 5.8 million votes in 2017) under surveillance, news broke that the French Interior Ministry has carried through the dissolution of pioneering activist group Génération Identitaire. The movement, founded in 2012, has become a trailblazer for Identitarian thought and action over the last decade, spearheading the sort of daring, metapolitical activism adopted by other young patriots across Europe.

In justification, the French state cites “hatred, discrimination and violence” although no one has been convicted of any of this. It is obvious to us and the entire Identitarian movement that this move is politically motivated.

The dissolution has been criticised by a cross section of French politicians, writers and social commentators and its validity questioned by legal experts. Many of the government’s justifications for the banning point to the group’s opposition to mass immigration – something shared by large swathes of the French people – A reality which prompted Marine Le Pen to ask if the French themselves are next in line for a ban!

The French state also turned GI’s rightful condemnation of the recent terrorist atrocities across France as justification to label them hateful and inciteful. So, beware – Criticism of cold-blooded murder on the on the streets could be labelled hatemongering. We live in worrying times, not just for patriots but for democrats and lovers of free speech, open debate and inquiry everywhere.

The most ludicrous justification for the banning was that GI’s recent activism in the Pyrenees constituted a private militia. Just how a few dozen young people dressed in casual outdoor winter wear, equipped only with binoculars and flags, travelling in a handful of pick-ups equates to a paramilitary formation is beyond us. GI did not take the law into their own hands – no one was harmed or detained. They were there to observe illegal immigrants crossing into France with the sole intention of reporting these violations to the relevant French authorities and local law enforcement. We believe the vast majority of the general public will see this as merely public spirited.

Of course, these are all excuses. It is clear the real reason for the ban is the government’s kow-towing to the globalist agenda such as the UN Migration Plan that implies the silencing of any vocal opposition to migration. Any criticism of this, Islam, multiculturalism and political correctness is in the sights of our political elites.

The decision will be appealed, and we hope it is overturned. One thing is certain – the globalists cannot ban ideas or the resolve of European patriots to stand up for their homelands, their ancestors and their descendants.

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