Earlier this month a small team of Identity England activists travelled to Rochdale, Greater Manchester, to warn the public that grooming gangs are still operating in the area. In the 2011 census, Rochdale’s Asian population was given as 27.5%, but after leafletting the town centre, we believe the 2021 figures will be far greater.

Throughout our leafletting session we spoke to local folk about these ongoing horrific crimes that are routinely buried deep within the websites of the local press. We received a positive response including one elderly lady who thanked us for “letting people know”, while one middle-aged gentleman even took a bundle of our leaflets “to post through my neighbour’s doors”, shaking our hands and telling us to “keep up the good work”.

We drew attention to the recent news that two men convicted in 2012 as part of a Rochdale-based grooming gang, and both of dual UK-Pakistani citizenship, have not been deported despite being told they would be stripped of their UK passports. The men have launched appeals against this, but both have been seen in the town recently. They could have been prevented from entering the area if issued with Sexual Harm Prevention Orders.

We know, sadly, that sexual abuse is present in every community, but the instances of perpetrators with Pakistani backgrounds speak for themselves. We conclude that decades-long mass immigration has, to put it mildly, a case to answer.

The overwhelming legacy of the multicultural experiment has been the loss of a high-trust, cohesive society. This is inevitable when communities with greatly differing cultural norms live side-by-side. This is unfair and detrimental to all ethnic groups, including South Asians. The long-term answer is to begin the process of remigration via the political process and international agreements, involving all parties.

It must also be said we couldn’t help but notice how run down and neglected this once proud mill town and powerhouse of textile manufacturing has become. The strong communities once built off the sweat of hard-working English folk have a sour legacy in the homelessness and drug abuse that we witnessed on our visit.

We also took time to visit the Cenotaph near the Town Hall. Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, it is based on his Whitehall Cenotaph and it stands in memory of the men of Rochdale who gave their lives in both world wars. We wondered just what these men would make of what has become of their town in recent decades – all under the watch of a complicit globalist political class. The grooming scandals are a particularly grotesque reminder that state multiculturalist policies are now totally discredited and that that the English people continue to be governed by what can only amount to a hostile adversary. A solution can only be found through political discourse – starting through metapolitical activism.

After our action, news broke that 29 men (all, to our eyes, with Asian-sounding names) have been charged with sexual exploitation offences in Calderdale. We hope, but don’t wager,  cases of this kind do not occur again.

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