Today, 9th August, is the UN’s annual International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. We sincerely wish, as supporters of self-determination and autonomy for all of planet Earth’s tribes, that this day of awareness is something that we, as English and European Identitarians, could happily get behind. We really wish we could – but we can’t – for one simple reason: the English are left out. We (and other Europeans) have no indigenous credentials, we aren’t unique, we aren’t special, we’re not worthy of recognition, representation or prestige…at least that’s what the Globalists and their proxies would have us believe. To the Globalist ruling class, via national governments, the mass media, state institutions, big business – and the bullying tactics of leftist militants – the English (and other Europeans) don’t count, shouldn’t count (ostensibly due to perceived past wrongs) have no special status and DO NOT EXIST as a people in our own right. If you are European, ancestry means nothing and birthright is no right.

Those pushing the ‘progressive’ agenda would rather we all become citizens of the world, but this pesky tribal sentiment just won’t go away. So instead, they have distorted Englishness merely into something anyone can pick up and try on – a badge, a commodity that can change its spots from one day to the next; a civic, bland, false identity.

We won’t present a dissertation here on why the English most certainly ARE an indigenous people, native to, and occurring naturally in one place for generations. We won’t detail the history, the DNA studies, the chronicles, the place names, familiarities – we’re tired of explaining. We are tired of justifying our existence to those who clearly despise us. The English, who gave their name to, and moulded this landscape for 1500 years (longer than the Māori have called Aotearoa their home) and who mingled genetically with their Beaker-folk cousins, KNOW who they are. Our national story, our rootedness, our germen, a physical seed, is that which ultimately binds us together. We are an exclusive club, although we know there are plenty of other fine examples on every continent – and we wouldn’t want to gate crash them or do them wrong. All indigenous populations appear (correctly) to possess rights and privileges in their respective homelands…except Europeans.

The English are distinctive – an old, familiar variety with a long lineage and distinguishing features: in culture, language, art, costume, custom, beliefs, stories, ways and vibes. Visit any Local History section in the public library or county archives and you will see our precious imprint. When we look at the countless old photographs of (to name but a few) village life, works football teams, outings, fetes, and street parties in these collections, we are looking into a mirror. We are the new shoots of growth on an old oak with a mighty trunk and strong roots in a place called England.

No matter how hard our opponents try to gaslight us and distort historical and physical realities – we know we exist. We are a distinct people, and we are indigenous to these shores. Although we are not subject to the UN’s special day, if anyone needs speaking up for it is the English, French, Germans, Italians, Dutch and our other European cousins. Increasing, in this ever-dystopic world true patriots find themselves in, the people that need a voice are Europeans – and we need to provide this ourselves because no one else will. Ultimately as English Identitarians we seek a world of self-determination for all peoples with their own space. Simultaneously we look to build brotherhood within European civilisation, and we aim to extend the hand of friendship to those without.

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