We are envious of the people of Hampshire – it must be such an idyllic, low-crime part of the world…

Earlier this month we were outraged (although admittedly unsurprised) to hear that Hampshire Constabulary are treating stickers stating ‘It’s Okay to be White’ and placed around Basingstoke as a ‘hate incident’. Evidently, they are of the opinion that being white isn’t only NOT okay – it’s positively hateful. This is not the first time these stickers have drawn such an Orwellian response from our police: stickers bearing this benign, unobjectionable statement have reportedly appeared elsewhere in the country, prompting similar rebuke from officers of the law.

While some say the It’s Okay to be White slogan is divisive, it is the multicultural experience itself that has caused such tangible disaffection and rupture in our society – We say the damage has already been done.

The very fact the slogan is becoming so widespread is indicative of the failures and internal contradictions of our liberal system. It’s small wonder this meme has gained enough traction to spring off the internet and onto the streets – when considering the anarchic exploits from the likes of BLM and fellow extremists; when our young people are told, week-in-week-out, to be ashamed of their own heritage and identity. When the entire mainstream media and establishment command us to atone for being the descendants of a great people and inheritors of a great civilisation – This isn’t supremacy; it’s pride. It certainly isn’t hate – it’s love. Of course patriots will not be subjugated, of course the words It’s Okay to be White will resonate with them. Just what do our lords and masters expect?

Certainly, any society requires rule of law and an enforcement of that law – we are not anti-police in principle – but today our police service has become overtly and frighteningly politicised. It is now, in effect, the ‘strong arm’ of the PC (no pun intended!) globalist regime – ready to pounce if feelings are hurt – but all too often not so quick off the mark if you get burgled. With 25,000 on the terror watch list, we suggest their priorities are somewhat off-kilter. Remember also that the police investigation into this alleged ‘hate incident’ is costing tax-payers’ money…

On Saturday, Identity England activists were in Basingstoke at Hampshire Police HQ’s doorstep to inform them that ‘BEING WHITE IS NOT A HATE CRIME’.

We made our point by unfurling our banner outside the front entrance and then took the opportunity to share the message with motorists over the nearby M3.

After we posted the action through our social media, we were encouraged to see it go viral and receive a lot of positive feedback. We shouldn’t really be surprised – we know the exasperation felt by millions of our people towards the continual heights of silliness that Clown World Inc produces.

If YOU object to being labelled ‘hateful’ for merely being the result of your ancestral roots, get active – join or support Identity England. Everyone has a role to play.

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