On Saturday 19th March, a team of activists from Identity England’s Southern Region travelled to Slough, Berkshire, for our latest poster action. We wanted to publicise the huge demographic changes which are affecting the social fabric of England, and indeed across swathes of Europe – our collective motherland.

According to 2019 figures from the Office for National Statistics and Slough Borough Council, of the 150,000 people who live in Slough, only 46,000 were described as white British – that’s only 31% of the population. This figure is a reduction of 3.5% from the 2011 census.

We placed our posters, highlighting the minority status of the local English population, around the rail station and along the main roads into the town.

Slough is perhaps best known – unfairly – for John Betjeman’s poem in which he calls for its destruction! In fairness to the late Poet Laureate, his lines were a protest against industrialisation and urban expansion – something Identity England can empathise with.

The town is a couple of miles from Windsor Castle and the one thousand years of English history associated with it, and possibly gets its name from the old English words for swamp or ‘shallow lake’. It was the birthplace of mathematician and astronomer John Herschel, whose famous father, William, constructed his telescope in his garden in Windsor Road. The town is also home to those very English icons Horlick’s and Mars Bars!

Why do we mention all this? As Identitarians, we believe that demographics are destiny. Throughout its history, Slough was an English town, made up of English people and English things. Today this reality is fading. For us Europeans, our national and civilisational destinies are being derailed. Continued replacement migration means that England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, and elsewhere in Europe will, in any meaningful sense, cease to be. We are facing a scenario in which thousands of years of history will gradually fade and collective memories will disappear – a tragic legacy for our ancestors who built such a mighty world. But we believe the English have the right to continue our story.

Mass immigration does not result in integration into the host community, but rather in the replication of the cultural and social norms of the immigrant population. To say multiculturalism has failed is not a ‘problematic’ statement. A former British Prime Minister and German Chancellor both admitted it – and it is self-evident to millions of English people and other Europeans from Paris and Marseille, Brussels, Rome, Stockholm, and many other great cities – whose ancestors built them as a reflection of themselves.

The ‘Great Replacement’ is starting to enter mainstream consciousness in France thanks to the presidential bid of Eric Zemmour (Identity England are watching his campaign closely). It’s no conspiracy theory. Whilst we do not believe Le Grand Remplacement is being deliberating engineered by a shadowy cabal, from in their secret HQ – it is happening. It is happening for many reasons: social, economic, and environmental, and fuelled by the needs and demands of the global market, big business, and finance.

At present, the political procedure by which mass immigration can be stopped and reversed – a process which Identitarians term Remigration, is not possible – simply because the political culture needed do so, does not exist. The globalist hegemony which currently dictates our political life forbids such ‘wrongthink’. Nonetheless, we are convinced that through metapolitical activism and by winning the ‘battle of ideas’, we European patriots can shift our ideas toward what is ‘acceptable’ – to a position that can facilitate the radical political changes necessary to stop the Great Replacement. However, to do this we need to increase our numbers. We need more patriots with a range of skills or offers of practical help to come forward. If you agree with us, what is stopping you from joining or supporting us?

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