“London’s diversity is its greatest strength” tweeted its Pakistani mayor Sadiq Khan when announcing new Bangladeshi signs at Whitechapel Tube last Wednesday. We hazard a guess though that Cockneys might beg to differ at this tiresome globalist cliché. The fact that, after seven centuries, Cockney will no longer be spoken in London within the next two decades points to the hollowness of Khan’s words.

The dictionary definition of ‘colonisation’ is: “the action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area”. It is now the case that London is a city of competing colonies, where the English are a minority. The process of colonisation continues apace, with Sadiq Khan, aided by other colonisers and collaborators, pushing ahead with renaming streets, removing statues, and driving the cultural colonialism that accompanies physical settlement.

Identity England refuses to accept this process. There is not one valid, well-intentioned argument for replacing the English language in its own land. London is still England’s capital, and English is the language of our people.

In response to the addition of Bengali signs at Whitechapel, the latest example of colonisation, Identity England London branch activists acted. A team covered over the Bengali script with our own signage using the slogan ‘DECOLONISE ENGLAND’. You can watch the video here:


It’s not just about Tube Stations either. Mass immigration is distorting our country’s very political process. The contrasting interests and attitudes of different immigrant ethnic groups (with Lib/Lab/Con all scrambling to pander to them) means it’s not only Whitechapel that is colonised. The big issues in last year’s Batley and Spen by-election were Kashmir and Palestine – why? It’s obvious to Identitarians that democracy can only work within an ethnocentric framework. At first it was the left that undertook the ‘long march through the institutions’, now immigrant communities are following suit. The colonisation of England is accelerating, and our so-called ‘leaders’ are responsible, along with their cheerleaders in education, mass media, ‘entertainment’, the state and its proxies.

Identity England are all for diversity. We have had all the diversity we could need for millennia: through a local, regional, national and civilisational framework – Englishness as part of our great European civilisation. But when widely differing cultures from different civilisations are forcibly thrown together by our rulers, it only results in alienation, mistrust, and resentment for all parties involved. If the process is not halted, then England will be reduced to squabbling ‘communities’ of colonisers sited among remnants of the English people. England must not be fractured in this way. We must have an English future.

Our Whitechapel action quickly went viral – at the time of writing it has been viewed on our social media close on 70,000 times. Our action was simple, peaceful and effective. It drew attention to the continuing process of colonisation in our only homeland. Identity England is building the patriotic resistance to globalism, the Great Replacement, and the ongoing destruction of English and European culture.

Join us! Join the patriotic revolution!

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