Activists from Identity England attended the ‘Stop the Invasion’ demonstration in central London on Saturday, 24th September. The demonstration was organised by the ‘Football Lads’ group and attracted hundreds of concerned British people. They included members of a variety of patriotic groups and many more unaligned people. Identity England members handed out leaflets raising awareness of the scale and rapid progression of the Great Replacement. Protestors were rightly very concerned about the ongoing UK government policy of transporting thousands of migrants across the English Channel before locating them in hotels all around the country. The scale of this is shocking. The government’s own figures reveal that:

•  In 2021, 28,431 Channel migrants were landed by Border Force & the RNLI

•  In 2022, over 30,000 were landed by the end of August

•  In the three days prior to the demonstration Border Force & the RNLI landed 2,458 migrants

•  90% of those landed are men•  83% are young men

•  This summer, over 40% have been Albanians

•  Almost all have destroyed their ID – no one knows who they are.

The cost of these operations carried out under the auspices of the Home Office is enormous. Hotel costs alone amount to £5,000,000 a day, or £1,825,000,000 a year. To which can be added the cost of Border Force operations, transport, policing, and the eventual cost of housing the migrants. There are currently 109,000 such migrants waiting to be processed, and over 90% will be granted leave to remain in the UK.

Yet large as the number of Channel migrants brought here by the Home Office, Border Force and the RNLI are, they represent a tiny percentage of mass immigration into the country. In the last 12 years, legal and illegal migration has hit new heights.

•  There are c.1,000,000 illegal migrants in UK, many on expired visas.

•  Since 2010, 7,000,000 migrants have registered with a GP

•  Over 9,000,000 people in UK were born abroad

•  Between 2011-2021, England’s population grew by 3,500,000. Over 80% of that growth was due to mass immigration.The impact of this is stark:

•  Immigration adds the equivalent of a new Birmingham to our population every three years

•  Half of births in London, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester & Leicester are to foreign mothers

•  White British are a minority in London, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton, Coventry and elsewhere.

And the UK government, under its new World Economic Forum (WEF) premiership of Liz Truss, is committed to maintaining and increasing that flood. In the year to the end of June 2022, the government issued 1,100,000 visas to settle and study here. Student visas rose to 486, 868, with student visas allowing overseas students to bring family members with them. Nigerian nationals saw the largest relative increase compared with 2019, increasing by 57,545 (+686%) to a record high of 65,929. Over 303,000 visas were issued in the same year to family members to join existing immigrants in the UK. There were 331,233 work-related visas granted in the year ending June 2022 (including dependants). This in a country with 1,300,000 unemployed, and 2,800,000 people underemployed.

The Liz Truss government has already promised to further ease legal immigration. The Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng (also a member of the WEF) promised in his recent economic statement that barriers to immigration will be removed by new policies to be announced in the coming weeks.

There appears to be no end to this. The tens of thousands of migrants brought across the English Channel are the tip of the mass immigration iceberg. That was part of the message that Identity England activists were getting out to their fellow countrymen and women at the ‘Stop the Invasion’ demonstration. The scale and continuing increase in mass immigration, all of which is a result of government policy, enables the Great Replacement – the process by which we become a minority in our only homeland. The same process is at work right across Europe. We must join together to resist. The mainstream parties only betray us. More ‘Stop the Invasion’ demonstrations are needed. More people must choose to become activists. There is a role for all in this struggle to preserve an English future for England, a European future for Europe.

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