On 16th October Identity England activists visited Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham. They were there to carry out a ‘No Islamic Call to Prayer in Stockton’ action.

The Identity England activists leafletted the town and put up posters demanding that Stockton Council reject the application of the Farooq E Azzam mosque to broadcast by loudspeaker the Muslim call to prayer. Last month, the local press reported that the mosque has ‘applied to Stockton Council to recite azan over loudspeakers every Friday, which is a sacred day for Muslims. Azan is the Islamic call to public prayer in a mosque, recited by a muezzin (an official) at set times of the day’. The mosque had previously taken advantage of the Covid lockdown to broadcast the azan and are using that as a precedent to demand permanent loudspeaker to broadcasts to this almost entirely English town. The Farooq E Azzam mosque was not the only mosque to take advantage of Covid in this way, with mosques in London, particularly in Waltham Forest, doing the same, creating a precedent. The Teesside mosque’s application looks very much like the thin end of wedge for the loudspeaker broadcast of Islam. And it is not just in England that mosques are pushing for this stage in the process of Islamisation of Europe. Only last Friday, the huge Central Mosque in Cologne, Germany, also broadcast the azan for the first time.

There are over 1,800 mosques in the UK. The number is constantly growing, just as it is across Europe. Why? Because mosques are not just places of religious worship, they are citadels for the colonisation of Europe by militant Islam. In England, many mosques are built and funded by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Since 1975, Saudi Arabia has given $2-$3 billion a year to mosque building and Islamic proselytising in Christian countries. Saudi Arabia does not permit the building of churches, nor does it permit Christian proselytising. Further, Saudi Arabia’s form of Islam, Wahhabism, is one of the most extreme forms of Islam. And it is not just Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Turkey, under the neo-Ottoman, Erdoğan, runs a massive mosque-building programme, with the Turkish religious authority, the Diyanet Foundation, spending €120 million a year on this. Make no mistake, Erdoğan wants to Islamise Europe by mass immigration and mosque building. A Turkish opponent of Erdoğan, Ozgur Kazim Kivanc, spokesman for Istanbul-based association Anti-Capitalist Muslims, has rightly observed: ‘Places of worship are not compulsory for a belief system to spread – especially in Islam. This [plan] is not about worship, it is about marking the territory of their authority through a monument.’

Mosque building, public manifestations of Islam, loudspeaker broadcasts of Islamic faith, are all steps in the occupation of territory, of the domination of an area, of the colonisation of England and Europe. Identity England oppose this. Identity England says DECOLONISE ENGLAND.

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