Just when we thought that it was no longer possible to be shocked by the consequences of open borders and the failure of western European governments to ensure the safety of our peoples, a new horror emerges. This time the victim was a 12-year-old French child. Her name is Lola. She lived in the 19th Arrondissement of Paris, an area heavily populated by Arab and African immigrants. Her school is just behind the apartment block where she lived, where her father was the caretaker. Last Friday, she was walking home from school when she was abducted, tortured, sexually assaulted, mutilated, and murdered. Her body was crushed into a box. French police arrested two Algerians. The murderer, a woman, confessed and said she felt ‘neither hot nor cold’ about what she had done. That killer should not have been in France. Three years ago, she was issued with an order to leave France, an OQTF. The authorities failed to enforce that order, and consequently Lola suffered and died. It is now known that 90% of OQTFs are ignored, that the French state does nothing to enforce the orders. Further, almost all those who ignore the orders are Algerians. This failure to provide security, to enforce border controls, is shocking. It shows how little concern the French government and state have for the French people. Instead, mass immigration, multiculturalism, and the Great Replacement rule.

On the evening of Wednesday, 19th October, activists from Identity England joined together with French patriots, members of the French Reconquête movement, to remember Lola, and to protest the continuing failure of government policy. In a solemn ceremony outside the French Consulate in London, the English and French patriots displayed an image of Lola, and lit 12 candles, one for each year of that little girl’s short life. The 12 candles also referred to the 12 French women and girls who have been murdered by immigrants this year. It is not just French women and girls who pay a terrible price for the fixations of European globalist politicians. In England, Lorraine Cox was murdered and dismembered by an illegal immigrant from Kurdistan; Emily Jones, aged 7, had her throat cut in front of her parents by an illegal immigrant from Albania. In Austria, Léonie, aged 13, was gang raped and murdered by Afghans, one of whom then fled to England, brought here by either Border Force or the RNLI; he is now fighting extradition to Austria. In Italy, 18-year-old, Pamela Mastropietro was raped, mutilated, and dismembered by illegal immigrants from Nigeria. Wilma Andersson, a 17 year old Swede was murdered and dismembered by an Iraqi who kept her head in his bedroom. The list goes on and on.

Mainstream politicians, the broadcast media, the TV pundits, the university ‘experts’, all tell us that we should not notice these crimes. That we should not notice the policies that are the root cause, the policies that every day see thousands of migrants enter Europe, colonise our homelands. But we do notice, we will remember the victims of the policies leading to the Great Replacement. And we will never forgive those who implement and support them.

Ni oubli ni pardon.  We neither forget, nor forgive. #JusticePourLola

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