On 29th November 2022, the Office for National Statistics released data sets headed, ‘Ethnic Group, England and Wales: Census 2021’. Those findings confirm what we all knew, that the replacement of ‘white British’ people, and particularly the English, in their own homelands continues apace. There can be no denying that this process is happening and is accelerating. In England’s three main cities, the ‘white British’ are in a minority. In London, we are only 36.8% of the capital’s nine million population; in Manchester, we are only 48.7% of the population of two and a half million; and in Birmingham, only 42.9% of that city’s 1,400,000 population. ‘White British’ are also in a minority in other towns and cities, such as Leicester, where we only make up 33.2% of the population. Overall, we know that:

  • The ethnic minority population now stands at 15 million (up from around 6 million in 2001)
  • Ethnic minorities now account for 26% of the total population of England and Wales (the share more than doubling since 2001)
  • The overall population of England and Wales rose by around eight million – going from 52 million in 2001 to nearly 60 million in 2021. All of that increase was driven by immigration
  • Since 2016, the White British population in the five major cities in England and Wales declined by a total of 800,000.

These figures are just a snapshot of the demography of our homeland on one day in 2021. More importantly, they are a marker in a continuing trend. That trend is clear:

  • In 1991 95% of the UK was ‘white British’
  • In 2001 86% of the UK was ‘white British’
  • In 2011 81% of England & Wales was ‘white British, English or Welsh’
  • In 2021 74% of England & Wales was ‘white British, English or Welsh.

In just 30 years, the indigenous peoples have witnessed a demographic transformation of their homelands that they never consented to, were never asked about, never voted for in this so-called ‘democracy’.

The trend from 1991-2021 will, if there is no change, continue and accelerate. Other official statistics confirm this. For example, the ONS figures show that only 42.9% of Birmingham’s population in 2021 was ‘white British’. Data from the Department for Education show that in January 2022, only 26% of Birmingham’s school pupils were ‘white British’. In London, only 23.8% of school pupils were ‘white British’. Those percentages show the future. And only if there is no change to the conditions up to January 2022. Yet, in the year June 2021-June 2022 both total and net legal migration hit new heights. Total legal immigration was 1,100,000 in that one year (an average of 91,666 a month), while net legal migration was 504,000. To which we can add illegal immigration, facilitated by UK government agencies like Border Force.

This is the Great Replacement. It is happening in the UK, especially in England. It is happening across western Europe. It is not ‘a theory’, it is a description of verifiable fact. The French writer, Renaud Camus described it as, ‘mass immigration, mass migration, invasion, colonisation, ethnic substitution, in short the Great Replacement’. It is a civilisational crisis. The groups that dominate our societies – mainstream politicians, corporate capital, universities, ‘entertainment’ – are responsible. They are the perpetrators of this crime against our European peoples. Those perpetrators must be challenged. Every European who wishes to see a European future for our peoples, for our descendants, must get active. If you do nothing, then you are a collaborator in this crime, the Great Replacement. Act. Support patriots, join a patriotic movement, party, or group. Join Identity England. Join the Patriotic Resistance.

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