Oxford, Saturday 18 February, saw a very successful rally and march against the new global programme for ’15 Minute Cities’, organised by ‘Our Community Our Choice’ (https://t.me/s/ourcommunityourchoice?before=45 ). Activists from Identity England joined over 2000 people to show our opposition to this latest attempt at controlling free people.

Oxford is being used as a pilot of the ’15 Minute Cities’ programme, with Oxfordshire councillors from the Labour/Lib Dem/Green coalition pushing through this global policy, despite its rejection by the people of Oxford. A public consultation last year saw a majority reject the policy, but even before the consultation report came out, Oxfordshire County Council insisted the plan would go ahead whether people liked it or not. The plan sees Oxford divided into six zones. Every car owner will be required to obtain a permit to move from one zone to the next in their car. Surveillance cameras will monitor all car movements and the permit only allows for 100 car journeys between zones a year. All car drivers will be monitored and tracked by video. Tracked, all car movement watched. If you leave your zone by car for more than your permitted allocation you will be fined. This is digital control. A surveillance state enforced by fines.

The Stasi-enthusiasts of Oxfordshire County Council insist this is ‘just a local issue’. But it’s not just Oxford. Already, Lancaster, Torquay, Canterbury, Ipswich, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh are all on the same path. And it’s not just the UK – Vancouver, Toronto, Brisbane, Melbourne and over 90 other cities worldwide are all in the process of becoming ’15 Minute Control Zones’. The claim is that the policy is simply creating walkable local neighbourhoods, with all the shops and services everyone needs. If that were the case, then the logical approach would be to create those neighbourhoods and then people would voluntarily reduce car use. But that is not the impetus behind this programme. The driver is state control. It’s about global governance, about the further destruction of democracy. The source of the policy is the UN 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Goal no:11. It’s pushed by the WEF, whose members include most leading politicians in the UK, government and ‘opposition’. Whether it’s Rishi Sunak or Keir Starmer, it makes no difference, they are members of the WEF, fully signed up to globalism, merely the political wing of globalising corporate capital. The ’15 Minute’ programme is the main policy of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, funded by global corporations, the Open Society Foundation of George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, the World Bank. It’s not ‘just a local issue’. It’s the local manifestation of global governance, surveillance, and control of you and your family.

This policy means zones, permits to move, surveillance, fines, but it is only part of the spectre of totalitarianism that looms over us. Once the ’15 Minute Control Zones’ are in place, they will become part of a wider net of restrictions. From Tony Blair down, the globalist ‘elites’ are also pushing for every person to be allocated a digital ID. As we see with China, that digital ID can be combined with a ‘score’ for every person. That could well be a carbon credit score, or a social compliance score. Now think about the push for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which the Bank of England is planning. Put together, zoning, fines, digital ID, a programmable CBDC token, and you’ve got the makings of a digital open air prison. This is the future if we don’t join together and resist. Identity England will be part of that patriotic, democratic resistance.

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