London, MI5 Headquarters, 19th March. Activists from Identity England staged a protest outside the headquarters of the British security service. MI5 is tasked with ‘keeping the UK safe’ from internal and external threats. Yet, as the public inquiry into the Islamist terror attack on Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017 has revealed, MI5 failed to protect the children, women and men at the venue. Twenty-two children and adults were murdered, 239 wounded and maimed, and hundreds of others traumatised, with many families destroyed. The attack was only possible because the UK government and its security state put globalist foreign policy before the interests of the British peoples. Government and state, MI5 and its sister organisation, the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), have, as the Identity England banner said, ‘Blood On Their Hands’.

The Manchester Arena attack was the direct responsibility of the Abedi brothers, the Islamist suicide-bomber, Salman, and the now jailed Hashem. But their attack was only possible because of the impact of UK government policy. Following the end of the Cold War and the collapse of Soviet Communism, the UK government and state aligned itself with the new globalist doctrine emanating from Washington. A series of neo-Con, globalist attacks were launched. First was Iraq, then Afghanistan. But the targets also included the Libya of Colonel Ghaddafi. The UK government, along with the French government, enthusiastically joined the US government in the effort to destroy Ghaddafi and Libya. That meant allying with Islamic terrorists in Libya, an alliance with Islamic terrorism that has a long, murky history. In 1993, the UK state brought the Abedi family here as ‘asylum seekers’.MI6, and MI5, knew that Abedi senior was a key figure in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). Yet they settled him here, and the state gave him and his family £200,000 in benefits. They brought a terrorist family to England, and they financed them, just to aid their destabilisation of Libya. In 1994, Salman Abedi was born. He, like his parents, became an Islamist. He was known for his violence and his misogyny, yet no-one acted, because of a fear of being labelled ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’.

In 2011, the globalists of Washington, London, and Paris, opened the attack on Ghaddafi’s government. US, RAF and French Air Force aircraft were used as the air force of Islamist terror groups on the ground. In effect, the RAF was allied to Islamic terrorists. The Abedi brothers, Salman (aged 16), and Hasham (aged 14), both fought with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. MI5 and MI6 knew this. Anyone who looked at Abedi senior’s Facebook page (featuring photos of his sons with machine guns) knew this. At one point, Salman Abedi had to be ‘rescued’ by the Royal Navy and returned to the UK. Later, he used some of the benefits paid to his family to buy the materials for the Arena bomb.

The UK government (irrespective of political party) is an enthusiastic proponent of globalism. It slavishly follows the neo-Con globalists of Washington. In 2011, Obama and his foreign secretary, Hilary Clinton, along with David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy got what they wanted. They wanted the destruction of Libya. Libya is now a failed state, at the mercy of Islamist terror, along with Russian and Turkish mercenaries. It is a place where slave markets thrive. It is a main channel for people trafficking into Europe. That is what ‘our’ governments wanted. That is what the British security state, including MI5, enabled. They enabled the Manchester Arena attack. They have ‘Blood On Their Hands’.

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