“The social diffusion of ideas and cultural values for the sake of provoking a profound, long-term, political transformation.”

Guillaume Faye on Metapolitics, Why We Fight.

Identity England is a patriotic, metapolitical activist organisation. IE is inspired by the philosophy of the European New Right (ENR).

We advocate healthy, alternative activism that aims to safeguard the native English people and their interests. Our philosophy is one of meaningful and peaceful campaigning for, and promotion of, English identity and culture. We seek to highlight what we believe are the current, highly tangible threats to our way of life. We are pro-English and pro-European civilisation.

Fundamentally, we believe in the natural right to self-determination for the English people in their ancestral homeland, as is accepted for native peoples outside of Europe. Europe is the natural home – the collective motherland – of Europeans, including the English in England, by ancestral claim . All social and political policy should be geared to supporting the people that have lived on these isles for millennia. English people are set to become a minority in their homeland by the 2060’s. We view this as an infringement of our right to govern ourselves and assert ourselves as a distinct ethno-cultural group. Public policy (whether economic, political or social) should never allow the indigenous English to become a powerless minority.

As an organisation, we engage in metapolitical activism where our primary aim is to change the public discourse and raise awareness on key areas affecting England and her people. Activities range from public engagement via our teams on the high street, banner drops, patriotic networking events, community outreach and so on.