“A group whose organic bonds are animated by the sentiment of belonging, homogeneity, heritage, and wanting to live together and share the same destiny.”

Guillaume Faye on Community, Why We Fight

Identity England is dedicated to bringing patriots across the political spectrum to campaign for the most pressing issue of our time. The demographic replacement of the English and Europeans. We believe in creating a space where people can freely exchange and healthily express ideas. Our political system is not capable of addressing the most pertinent issues affecting England and her people through its own incompetent ideologies. Not only are we proponents of a community in an organisational sense but also one that takes shape in the public sense. We seek to provide an outlet and framework in which ordinary English people can express their ethno-culture in a healthy manner, a true counter-culture with meaningful purpose.

The only way for our patriotic message to spread is if ordinary apply their beliefs in a meaningful way, every day, into everything. Since our values comprise the interests of English people, our values are communal by default. England deserves an inherently patriotic and civil society that remains recognisable and safe for our descendants. The aim here is to establish a broad patriotic consensus across all political inclinations, and propel the interests of English people, as a distinct group.