Is ID England a political party?

Identity England is not a political party and seeks to affect politics from the outside through peaceful, metapolitical activism. We consider ourselves as a rallying point for patriots across the political spectrum and campaign on issues, not discussed by mainstream political parties, affecting our nation and its people.

Is ID England just another Generation Identity?

ID England is an entirely independent organisation which aims to maintain nonviolent and pro-democratic activism. “Generation Identity” is built on similar principles but remains wholly a youth activist organisation whereas as we are open to people of all ages.

We are open to working with anybody provided they are compatible with our organisational principles.

Are you a “racist” organisation?

Absolutely not. We are an organisation whose sole purpose is to promote English identity and love for our homeland. As ethnopluralists by philosophy, we respect all cultures and peoples and strongly believe there is a space for everyone in this world. However as an organisation, we do not wish to see England’s rich culture and identity lost through mass replacement migration. This has nothing to do with “hatred” or “racism” or any discrimination of those with foreign origins or ethnicity.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by filling out the application form under “Get Active”.

Who can join the organisation?

Anyone who agrees to meet our organisational principles and fundamentally wishes to stop replacement-level migration and globalisation. There are plenty of reasons to oppose replacement-migration with its inherent consequences, such as Islamisation. People who are not content with the mainstream political climate and wish to discuss the more pressing issues in a productive and healthy manner, are always welcome.

Why does the media call you “far-right extremists”?

Anybody who criticises replacement migration and/ or anything against liberal democracy will be considered an “extremist”. On this issue for example, public opinion has always been highly critical of mass immigration and yet, the establishment shares the opposite view. The media label us as this simply because we do not agree with them and intend to stifle any meaningful debate around this topic.

As an organisation, we are committed to peaceful activism and remain entirely within the constraints of the rule of law. In conclusion, any such label clearly holds no credence and should not stop you from informing yourself and acting upon that information in a conducive manner.

What is your view on immigration overall?

Migration has always existed and will continue to do so. It can be beneficial to certain groups, depending on the need of the culture looking to import. Migrants from similar or closely related cultures would have no problem assimilating into our homeland, providing the host culture is dominant. A nation with a dominant culture and overwhelmingly homogeneous in favour of its natives is the best way to ensure smooth integration.

Today’s immigration levels threaten the ethno-cultural identity of our nations with its sheer scale and incompatibility of migrants. White British are set to become a minority in their homeland by 2066. This is the only place where the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish can truly call home. There will always be a home for migrants who should tire of our homeland. Moreover, exporting nations, lose their much needed people en masse each year and are not able to develop as they should, perpetuating the endless cycle of emigration. We believe that both countries lose when it comes to mass immigration.

What does ID England actually stand for?

Identity England stands to promote the ultimate interests of ethnic English people and by extension, Europeans. ID England stands to support the continuity and acknowledgement of our distinct ethno-culture and history. We are also proponents of strong local communities and the environment. Advocates for organic democracy and political reform.

How will you achieve your aims?

As we are involved in metapolitics, we strive to create an environment where critical issues such as replacement migration can be freely discussed. The aim is to get as many political parties to add our ideas into their programs and eventually into law. We will look to achieve our aims through peaceful, respectable and highly relatable activism.

Your group mentions “The Great Replacement” often, isn’t that a conspiracy theory?

The Great Replacement is otherwise known as replacement-level migration and therefore not a conspiracy theory. It is current United Nations, EU and British government policy. Official statistics, numerous media sources and more precisely, the work of David Coleman from the University of Oxford further confirm the phenomenon.

The current creators of public opinion do not deny this statement wholly either, but rather celebrate the decline of the native population as “progress” and “diversity”. Any criticism on current immigration trends is quickly denounced as a “conspiracy theory”. We are dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging free debate on this particular existential and civilisational issue.