“Metapolitics is the occupation of culture, politics is occupation of a territory.”

Guillaume Faye on Metapolitics, Why We Fight

Identity England operates in the space outside of politics and seeks to shape the political climate in its own image, though not for the sake of itself. Our aim is to effectively introduce ideas and concepts with the aim of changing the culture and mindset of normal people who believe these ideas as paramount. From here, we look to see a change in political party policy catering to the culture shift of the people. Our ideas are ultimately in the interest of the indigenous population and are not endorsed by current policy makers. As we can see immigration levels continue to break record levels and the White British on track to becoming a minority in our homeland, change in policy would be highly welcomed. We believe in an enormous shift away from mainstream government policy.

Through carefully organised and rigorous activism, we aim to inject healthy, alternative ideas and perspectives in a highly relatable manner to the general public. Where we have an advantage over traditional political parties, is that we are not limited by the electoral system or party politics, our ideas and actions are relevant to everyone.