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#thegreatreplacement not only involves the replacement of Europeans in their only homelands, but the rewriting of history to support that ethnocide.

A Welsh government apparatchik, Dawn Bowden, deputy minister for the arts has released 'guidance' recommending
the removal or boxing up of statues of 'old white men' in order to 'create the right historical narrative'.

'the right historical narrative' - straight out of a Soviet manual.

This must be fought at every opportunity.
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England is not a:
GDP figure
Social experiment
Plaything for corporate capital
Economic zone
Colony for all the world
Host for political parasites.

England is
Our only home
'This precious stone set in the silver sea...'
Things that the BBC 'forgets' to mention:
The anniversary of the worst racist murder in Britain. Kriss Donald, 15 March 2004
The struggle of farmers in the Netherlands against the Dutch WEF government
The popular resistance to Plantation 2 in Ireland.
Media is too big
A bit more of a robust Sargon slowly peeping through, some steps backwards. But the channel does have 350k subs. This video has had over 30k views since yesterday.
Big lies, little lies, & globalist policy.
The invasion of Afghanistan was based on a lie
It led to the destruction of the country, the deaths & mutilation of thousands of coalition troops & Afghans
It led to another wave of migrants
Including lying 'footballers'.

Globalism kills.

The Netherlands are on the front line against the globalist WEF

Results from the Dutch elections give the new Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB) 20% of the national vote, with the BBB in first place also in 5 of the provincial assemblies.

“The Netherlands has clearly shown we’re fed up with these policies,” BBB’s founder, Caroline van der Plas, told the public broadcaster NOS. “It’s not just about nitrogen, it’s about citizens who are not seen, not heard, not taken seriously.”

WEF stooge Rutte's conservative/left/green coalition may well continue in power, but now they face new resistance in the Dutch parliament.

Resistance growing.
International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin
Does anyone think the ICC will issue warrants for:
George W. Bush & Tony Blair re Iraq
Bill Clinton re Al-Shifa bombing in Khartoum
Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, David Cameron, Nicholas Sarkozy re the destruction of Libya?

Of course not.
'Rules based international order' hypocrisy.
In Germany, street signs in Arabic.

All of western Europe is being colonised
Europeans are losing their only homelands
#thegreatreplacement is the greatest threat that Europe has ever faced.

The perpetrators are the political mainstream
The collaborators are found in the mass media, education, 'entertainment', churches.

It's time to #decoloniseeurope

MI5 Headquarters, London, 19 March.

Identity England activists staged a demonstration to highlight the failures of the UK government & security state to protect our people.

The Manchester Arena inquiry confirmed that MI5 could have stopped Salman Abedi, the Islamist bomber .
SIS (MI6) was also involved, bringing the Islamist Abedi family here as part of its anti-Libyan campaign.

The UK government & security state are committed to globalist policies, not to the protection of the British peoples.

They have 'Blood on Their Hands'.
20 years since the Iraq War

20 years of globalist terror & destruction
Thousands of coalition troops maimed & killed
One million Iraqis killed
ISIS created
The genocide of the Yazidis
The almost total destruction of Iraq's Christian community.

Not only Iraq
But Afghanistan

Countries destroyed
$ Trillions of tax payers' money to arms industry
Islamist terrorism spread across the West
Waves of migrants unleashed onto Europe

Globalism kills
Abroad and at home.

The only solution:
Islam, marking territory.

Islam is an expansionist political-religious ideology
It seeks to colonise & occupy territory
By building mosques, by public 'prayer', by all means possible.

Muslim activists allying with corporate capital in the shape of Adidas (value £15 billion) are marking territory in the Derbyshire Peak District.
There is no practical need for this as a compass (or phone app) will indicate Mecca
This is simply colonisation.

This is colonisation.
White British people have been a minority in London for over a decade
They have been replaced by colonisers who will increasingly replace the cultural indicators that London is our capital.

It is time to #DecoloniseEngland
The casual brutality of the 'new Gemans', the colonisers & settlers imported by the traitor political 'elites'.
The full video of the prolonged attack on a 13 year old German girl has been released by RTL.
The child was beaten, tortured (her hair set on fire, cigarette stubbed out on her face, partially stripped) for over an hour. All video'd by one of the attackers, all of whom are settlers, colonisers. They will not face any 'justice'.

This only ends when we end it!
Forwarded from Steve Laws

Clause 16 - “the UK will resettle a portion of Rwanda’s most vulnerable refugees in the UK”

Two thirds of refugees in Rwanda are from the Democratic Republic of Congo. A country whose average IQ is 64.92 - if you carry on voting for the mainstream parties I will assume you have a similar IQ level! - YOU ARE VOTING FOR YOUR OWN DEMISE AND THAT OF YOUR CHILDREN!
We have had several days of the BBC covering the attack on the Muslim pensioner in B'ham. Set on fire while walking home from his mosque.
The reports all implied that it was a racist or 'Islamophobic' attack
Plenty of 'the community's fears', 'near Ramadan', 'police reassure the community', while other media 'personalities' went with the 'this is the reality of racist Britain' line.

A man has been charged with attempted murder for the B'ham & an Ealing attack.

He is, Mohammed Abbkr. #DefundtheBBC
Five years ago
Col. Arnaud Beltrame
Exchanged himself for a woman hostage held by an Islamist terrorist
Col. Beltrame was subsequently shot & had his throat cut.
Col. Arnaud Beltrame is a martyr and hero
His name lives
All honour to him
Pour la Patrie.
Media is too big
The UK government & state are geared towards globalist policy
They import the threat, they fail to protect the British peoples.

Identity England activists visited MI5 Headquarters in London
To protest the failure of the British security state over the Islamist terror attack on Manchester Arena.

Identity England, building the patriotic resistance
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