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It is now official
'White British', & more so, the English,
Are a minority in:

London = 36.8% white British
Leicester = 33.2% white British
Manchester = 48.7% white British
Birmingham = 42.9% white British

This is #TheGreatReplacement
It is happening
It is accelerating

This is our only homeland
These are our cities.
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Yesterday the ONS confirmed that #theGreatReplacement is accelerating, & that the white British & the English are in the minority in our main cities. This process affects all of western Europe.
Time to resist
Time to #defendenglandꓥ #defendeuropeꓥ
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Two days in England
Tuesday 29 Nov
English discover they are a minority in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester
Response: 'So what?'
Wednesday 30 Nov
Black woman, with African name, dressed in African clothes, representing an African-women-only charity, gets asked where she is from
Response: OMG!! Abolish the monarchy!! Racism everywhere.

Distraction from reality
We are being replaced.

Fight it
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'Time is running out: in the face of the progressive tidal wave and the demographic countdown, there is no time for empty slogans, confused statements & false transgressions. Our values are neither those of national education nor that of the mass media. Our dream is not cultural conformity, submission to tyranny or precariousness. Our horizon is nothing less than to take back what is rightfully ours: our multi-millennial civilization, mutilated by decades of progressive delusions, forced amnesia and submission to other civilizations.'

We know that the English are in a minority in our main cities - London, Birmingham, Manchester
We know #thegreatreplacement is accelerating
Time to act
Islamist terrorists murdering white Christians = not racist
Pakistani heritage rapists targeting white children = not racist
Denying English ethnicity = not racist
Making the English a minority in their own homeland = not racist

Asking a Black woman, with African name, expert on African drumming, wearing faux African dress, running an African & Afro-Caribbean only charity where she is from = racist!!!
When Morocco beat Belgium in the World Cup
Moroccan men rioted in France, Belgium & the Netherlands
When young men riot while flying the flag of a foreign country
You see the effect of mass immigration
These men are invaders & colonisers
They have been brought into Europe by 'our' politicians. In the post below, the invaders in Belgium ....
A moment of truth from a politician
The mask removed.

A few days ago, Sajid Javid responded to the news that the white British are a minority in London, M'chester, B'ham, & Leicester with the comment:
'So what?'

We now know why - Javid won't be standing at the next election

His constituency, Bromsgrove, is 96% white. The 'Conservatives' in Bromsgrove are enablers of #thegreatreplacement They chose an enemy of our people, giving him power to accelerate #thegreatreplacement

We won't forget
In the year to end of June 2022
UK net migration was 504,000
Total immigration was 1,100,000
504,000 is the equivalent of a city the size of Sheffield
The 'So what?' Conservatives love it
As do all the political, education & media mainstream.
Time to resist
By year end June 2022, 1,100,000 legal immigrants had come to the UK
This year, over 44.000 illegal Channel migrants have been brought here by Border Farce & RNLI

But it is not just UK
In Ireland, the people of East Wall, Dublin, are resisting the plantation of unknown migrants by Irish globalists

Frontex has recorded 130,000 illegals on the Austria route alone & the Austrian government admits that it is 'overwhelmed' by illegal migrants.

Our political classes fail us
They despise us

Time to resist.
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Our governments give us insecurity, societal disintegration, population replacement, crime, death.

'I've been here for six years, I live and work in the High Street so you get used to it. I feel safe myself because I am training in martial arts but whatever training you have if a group of guys come with knives you're in danger.'

The population of Thornton Heath central is only 16% 'white British'