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2 police sentenced to 3 months suspended & Euros 9k fines
For posting this on a police FB chat:
'This country has really become the trash of the world... we wonder why the French no longer support immigration.'

Don't dare tell the truth!
Forwarded from Steve Laws
2,139 illegal immigrants arrived by boat in the last two weeks, plus over 100 today, bringing it to roughly 2,250 illegals by boat since the 12th of June. Over 12,000 this year and over 52,000 since 2018.

These are just the boat arrivals and the figures that we know about. Realistically it's likely to be far higher.
Forwarded from Charlie Fox
🔴 Politicians import these animals.

🔴 The police refuse to investigate over racism fears.

🔴 The courts refuse to deport.

The entire liberal establishment, from top to bottom, is rotten to its core.

We need a patriotic revolution.

1st census results
Population of England up 3,500,000 in 10 years
This is mass immigration
Same 10 years GDP/capita rose from £30,027 to £30,504
Inflation meant no increase in real incomes
No economic benefit
No cultural benefit
Just #theGreatReplacement
Ten years
And England has the equivalent of three new Birminghams added to it
Yet GDP per head falls
All that happens is that we move nearer to becoming a minority in our only homeland
Our politicians keep on pushing this
Keep on with policies that enable
The Great Replacement.
England, the homeland of the English people. We have no other.
Bataclan Islamist terror trial concludes
20 found guilty
BBC fails to mention that they are Islamists
BBC fails to mention almost all of the Islamist kill squads entered Europe as 'refugees'
BBC and all the multiculturalists are part of the problem.
Built by our forebears
Passed on to us
It is our duty to pass it on to their descendants
A people consists of those who went before, those who are, and those yet to come.
This is Arfan Bhatti
Violent Islamist
Now linked to Oslo shooter, Zaniar Matapour
Bhatti has a history of moving between
Norway, England & Pakistan
He was in England prior to the anti-gay killings in Oslo
MI6 now thinks he's in Pakistan
Our borders are pointless.
The Hive MInd: Governments, universities, media, corporations, 'entertainment',
In lockstep on all issues:
Mass immigration
Population replacement
Corporate power
'Hate' speech.
There was a demo against mass & illegal immigration in York today.
Kudos to those who attended.
The opposition was led by the Labour MP, Rachael Maskell.
Maskell is the MP who in 2015 demanded that the UK take hundreds of thousands of 'refugees'
She demanded that we take them until our country 'reached saturation point'
Salah Abdeslam
Sentenced to life in prison
Sole survivor of Bataclan kill gangs

Abdeslam said they were not "terrorists, jihadists, extremists" but "Muslims" -- "It's about authentic Islam."

BBC runs another story, yet again failing to mention this.
Farmer protests paralyse the country for a week
The government is trying to destroy Dutch agriculture
Supposedly because of climate change
Dutch agriculture exports $100billion
This threatens all of us
Yet BBC, ITN, Sky etc ignore the protests
5th July 1962
60 years ago today.
Following the brutal French-Algerian war over one million French Algerians were forced out of the country.
By June, only 40,000 were left of Oran's 250,000 French Algerians.
Algerian Islamists then massacred hundreds of Europeans
Paris ordered nearby French troops not to intervene.
The throat cutting, torture & rape lasted 2 days.
Now France is colonised & the government collaborates yet again.
Media is too big
Action at Tour de France in Denmark: Remigration now!

On Friday the 1st of July, identitarian activists unfolded a banner in the middle of the Tour de France route in Copenhagen, bearing the slogan: "REMIGRATION NOW".

A European sporting event is an excellent occasion for focusing on a European problem: demography. In the whole of Western Europe, we are facing radical demographic change which in the long run threatens to bring us, the indigenous people, into a minority in our own countries.

The solution is not just to stop mass migration continuing, but to reverse the trend so that the number of non-Europeans is not constantly increasing, as it is happening right now. For the first time since the beginning of mass immigration, we must have ensured that there are fewer migrants and non-European descendants in Europe every year.

The turning point begins today - remigration now!

Muhammad - most popular UK baby boy name
This trend is across w. Europe:
In Austria - 3rd most popular baby boy name
In Belgium - 9th
In Brussels it is by far the most popular
In Germany in a decade it has risen from 97th to 25th
Forwarded from Charlie Fox
12 years of so-called 'Conservative' rule:

✅️ Mass immigration at record-breaking levels.

✅️ Cost of living crisis - food/fuel/energy.

✅️High Taxes.

✅️ 'Woke' (Cultural Marxist) infiltration of EVERY public institution.

The Tories are a globalist puppet regime. They do not serve our people's interests.